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January 23, 2013


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Apartments in NY

This is a great blog entry, Perry, and I really like the pictures... yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm like a little boy when it comes to reading material mixed with fun pictures, I admit it! I have to also admit that I was a little confused at around the point just before the statement "all kinds of sex with all kinds of people) led to a lot of confusion about exactly how to not get pregnant." What kind of "confusion" was there? I must not be understanding something because I was under the impression there was a variety of birth control available at the time of your ordeal.


There was, as you say, a "variety of birth control available" at the time this incident took place in 1970, but 1. not every young, fertile, sexually active girl had access to the pill without her parents' knowing or their permission, so they used other less, reliable methods of birth control and wound up getting pregnant; 2. regardless of the variety available, there always has been and always will be ignorance and confusion about how to actually use any of the available methods properly (for instance, couples don't know how to use condoms, or a woman forgets to take one or two pills, or couples relying on the rhythm method don't know enough about basic biology to keep from becoming pregnant, or a woman loses her pills and doesn't get a new supply soon enough to prevent pregnancy - you get the idea.) No matter how airtight and reliable any method of birth control may be, if you don't know how to use it or you use it improperly or not according to schedule, pregnancy is always a possibility when a fertile woman is involved. That's what I meant by "confusion about exactly how not to get pregnant." People are human. We slip up. We get confused. We forget. We miscount. We become pregnant when we don't intend or want to.

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