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September 11, 2008


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Michael Ludovico

Michael Brennan was my cousin. i did not know him well but wish i could have. From the what the family has said he was a great man and was brave for what he did. I was only in 3rd grade when the attack happened so i do not remember very well but i will always remember my cousin Michael for the valiant thing he did on 9.11.2001


Michael, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I'm with you; I didn't know your cousin well, but I wish I had. He was indeed valiant, and will be greatly missed forever.

If you were in third grade seven years ago you must be in tenth by now, and growing into a fine young man yourself. I think the best tribute to your cousin will be for you to be strong, industrious, smart, and brave like he was, and to remember that love and understanding by all people for each other no matter their differences, not hatred, fear, or intolerance, are what will keep the world safe from more attacks like the one that took your cousin's life. It sounds like you are well on the way to being the same kind of good person he was.

My thoughts are with you and your family on this solemn day.

Gail Hedge Keefe

I did a memorial stair climb in Greensboro, NC, this morning. We were able to pick a bib with the picture and name of a first responder who died on 9/11. I picked Michael. Reading about him tells me he was a wonderful, caring person.


Gail, your comment brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for telling me about your stair climb and the serendipity of choosing a bib with Mike Brennan's image on it; that is indeed a wonderful tribute to a young man who was greatly loved and respected by his family, friends, and colleagues. Thirteen years after Michael gave his life fearlessly helping others escape the inferno of the Twin Towers, it's comforting to know that his light still shines across the space-time continuum, bringing people together in peace and friendship. He is the root that has now brought you and me together in remembrance and tribute to a genuine hero whose selfless sacrifice will never be forgotten. Blessings upon you and yours.

Blanca Garcia

I was honored today by participating in a memorial stair climb in McAllen,Texas to honor the fallen of September 11. The person whom I was honoring in my climb is Michael Brennan. I know its a small tribute and doesnt compare to the sacrifices all of them made that day. I hope his family knows that he will never be forgotten.

Perry Barber

Thank you, Blanca. I will pass on your comment to Michael's family as I contemplate the impact his life had and continues to have on so many people, some of whom, like you and Gail Keefe, didn't know him but continue to honor his memory through your own selfless and courageous acts. I can't think of a more fitting legacy for him to have left.

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