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September 10, 2011


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Leo Weisman

I knew Warren in boarding school, she was always sweet and kind. Then I saw her at our 25th? reunion and we spoke about her battle with addition, our lives now, family and work. She and I shared a link in that we both work with a psychiatric population. I loved the person she had become and will always think of her that way.


Thank you, Leo. Now I have your memories of my sister to cherish as well as my own.

Sarah McPhee

Warren went to Co. Spas School with me. A lovely endlessly cool enigma. I loved her aura. Sorry about her passing. Sarah McPhee

Robert norman Schwyzer

Dearest Perry,

Though I am unsure when or where we met, we have.

I knew, and adored Warren, as she deserved being adored. I met your sister in my senior year of boarding school. It seemed such a mature age at the time. She took an interest in me for which I was unprepared, she being from New York, and I a cowhand hick from New Mexico, yet if magic exists, some did.

Warren had a familiar sophistication that my mother had, too. Though I doubt Oedipus had any input, I found Warren intriguing, and novel.

My mother was a twin also, to my Uncle Norm, for whom I carry a middle moniker.

I have been "orphaned" now ten years. Outliving family carries its own load in perspective. I miss my parents dearly, and can say our relations grew from adolescent rockiness to superlative, so I miss them more for that, too. I have my full hand of siblings, and each chose spouses well.

Word has it you recently crossed another birthday date with Warren. Again, it was in August, then December, when my parents were to have been 100. I made each day special in my own way.

Word has it, too that you are to join the Santa Fe reunion of friends from an era. I hope you will, and I will be pleased to make your acquaintance again. Santa Fe is my home and has been two decades now. Its simplicity, and eloquence, makes for a serenity to be cherished anytime "as time goes by..." Please know you will be welcomed, at the festivities, or any whim when the southwest should call.

My email is docrns@hotmail.com, and my cellular telephone number is 505/600-5953. Please think of me as a friend you never got to know well.

May your sister forever be at peace in your heart.

Robby Schwyzer
Santa Fe, America

Barre De Son

Excellent post. I am facing a few of these issues as well..

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