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April 07, 2010


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I take a somewhat different tack on this very serious issue. The larger issue to me is our ill-advised involvement in this war...or wars like it...in the first place. Frankly, we are doing ourselves and the very cause we claim to be supporting...democracy in the Middle East...with this kind of war strategy for many reasons, including the tactics you refer to.

But to me the problem isn't with the tactics themselves. Truth is, we have no choice but to fight like this if we are going to be in such an ill-advised war because the alternative means more of our troops will be killed, something no Western democracy can withstand (see the pushback in the UK as their troop casualties mount in Afghanistan). So if the choice is between "collateral damage" (i.e. Afghan, Iraqi or Pakistani civilian bystanders) or more American troop casualties, which do you think the strategists will select?

I don't blame the commanders for selecting this "impersonal" way of fighting; I blame our political leaders for putting the commanders in the position that they must do so to give our government the political cover it needs to continue to prosecute the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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