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December 10, 2009


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Joy Harvey

Thanks for this article on Doug....it was sent to us by a friend and we are glad he shared it with us. We were saddened by our friend Arthur Richman's passing...he always said we would meet and party at the Hall of Fame at Doug's induction...and now he will be there in spirit with us. sincerely, Joy


Joy, thank you for your kind comments about my post, and your sweet thoughts about Arthur. He was indeed a national treasure, and loved his umpires (and his dollies!) Doug could probably attest to the fact that Arthur would often stop by the umpires' dressing room to say hello and offer a friendly word, not because it was part of his job, but because he genuinely cared about them. If not for him, my umpiring career would have been a lot different and less fun; he always supported me and hired me to umpire Mets and Yankees spring training games whenever he could, in an era when not too many other administrators were willing to put their balls on the line for a woman umpire. But that was Artie: he'd go to the mat for you if he liked you, and then ask if you needed any money! He was a prince, and my dear friend and mentor.

When I first started umpiring, I picked the National League umps on whom I wanted to pattern my mechanics and carriage, and Doug was right there at the top of my list. He was the best of the best, and his influence extends to a whole new generation of umpires through those of us who teach and inspire others based on what we learned by watching your husband. A big shout out to both of you, Joy, and from all of us to our beloved Arthur! To Don and Corinne Larsen too; Don is recovering from bypass surgery near his home in Idaho.

Peace on earth and good health to all,

Terri Middleton

Great article Perry. This was the 1st time I had seen it. I remember who Doug Harvey was ,although I am not sure if I have ever met him. Augie Donatelli was umpiring with Dick Stello back in my hey day as was Andy Olsen. I know Warren also went to school with you but did she actually ever umpire or was it just to be your partner?

Take care


Terri, my twin was my first regular umpiring partner, both before we went to umpire school when we worked little league baseball together the summer of 1981, and after we graduated from Wendelstedt in January of 1982. We worked youth baseball together out in Los Angeles near where Warren was living at the time, and we were partners for several years until life distracted my sister and she started doing regular stuff like putting herself through nursing school, having kids, and getting married. She had her first child in 1988 and her second in 1989. She died last year, and I miss her every day and always will. She was the best partner on the field and in life anyone could hope for. Thank you for asking, dear Terri.

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